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Mind Mastery Signature Program

 To Elevate and Free Your Mind..

The Mind Mastery Signature Programme teaches professionals, executives, and business owners how to enlighten their minds in 90 days without being a spiritual or mindset expert.        

Overcome stress, anxiety, and mental overwhelm and transform your mind without giving up your possessions and achievements. 

You don’t have to travel to a spiritual land to find true wisdom or learn to understand various mental management tools and techniques all by yourself!

In 90 days, you'll learn everything you need to know:

  • Without getting confused and frustrated.

  • Without being an expert in psychology, therapy, or life coaching.

  • Without using various meditation apps to monitor your progress.

  • Best of all, you'll be fully supported and accepted as you are.

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    *If you are unhappy with the programme you can claim full refund within 30 days with no questions asked.

    How Does This Program Work?


    Mastering the mind is possible, even when you have a busy life and career. It all comes down to which programme you use and whether it suits you and your beliefs. Most people don’t know where to look for answers and don’t have the right coach to help them and support their needs. Many people simply follow the advice of others without researching options and understanding their goals. 

    Often people looking for answers get lost and tired in their search rather than actually finding the solution. Instead, I invite you to stop looking elsewhere. Put down your desire to amass information; information overload does not help you attain the results you need, contributing to stress. 

    A clear observation of your mental and emotional state is crucial.

    Our programme is tailored to each individual. An individualised mind map must be prepared to encourage meaningful transformation.

    Many professionals and business owners don’t know how to calm the mind nor what meditation practices are ideal for achieving the best results. One-to-one support provides the essential understanding, communication, detailed explanation of your mental activity and thinking patterns for every situation.

    You don’t have to change your lifestyle to achieve mental freedom.

    Elevating the mind requires internal observation and does not depend on your outer life. 

    Many professionals and business owners feel they need to change or adapt to a different lifestyle and completely move out of their familiar surroundings to achieve enlightenment. Doing this leads to letting go of a large part of who you are, your internal growth, which leads to an unbalanced life. 

    You can now be enlightened without needing to be a scholar in philosophy or an expert in psychology. You don’t have to spend endless time on mindset tools, events, and seminars or undergo years of spiritual training.

    The key to the total transformation of your mind is by learning to enhance your intelligence and by practising the art of observing your mind.

    You can calm the mind if and when required. This is a learnable skill. Following this programme will save you hundreds of hours per year on learning and practising different mind training techniques and getting frustrated without seeing any improvements. And most importantly, you’ll avoid wasting time watching YouTube videos or attending a multitude of transformational courses recommended by others.

    Who Am I, and what is my background?

    I am Smitha Jagadish, a spiritual coach. I was born into a spiritual family in India, and through three decades of spiritual experiences, self-realization and self-transformation, I have discovered many techniques and practices for enlightenment and inner peace.

    I am here to help and guide as many people as possible to elevate their minds and experience mental freedom. Through the power of spiritual coaching, I can teach simple practices to overcome mental habits and learn to observe your mind, leading to enhanced results. When you have one-to-one sessions and have private access to me, you can maximise your self-development. Through personal coaching, you get access to my in-depth knowledge, direct wisdom, and experience of the truth.

    During our sessions, I can point you in the right direction to save your valuable time, energy, and money without searching for another mindset coach.

    You may ask questions, expect direct support, and gain immediate feedback. You will also have an accountability call and learn how to implement what you learn each week. Through this programme, you will feel elevated and supported weekly and will scale and grow your life and business to the level you envision.

    In the early days of my spiritual journey, I read hundreds of books about mindset tools; I practised various meditation styles to enlighten my mind. Yet, I was constantly disappointed. I practised many hours of yoga daily, and I spent over a thousand hours experimenting with all the material out there. I tried meditation using different methods that did not work. I watched various YouTube videos, and nothing gave me the results I wanted.

    I then stopped listening to others and decided to create and develop a unique programme designed to clear the mind and enhance mental freedom. Through developing this programme, I gained mental freedom and enlightenment without changing my lifestyle. I now help hundreds of others do the same through The School for Enlightenment. I love working with people like you, people looking to elevate and master their minds. Visit

    Client Success Stories


    Let me tell you about Catherine. She’s a CEO and business partner who wanted to understand the intricacies of her mind to perform better at work and still live a balanced life. However, she didn’t know how to create change. She was tired of researching, getting nowhere, and seeing few results. 


    I met with Catherine and explained that she needed to step out of the intellectual mind for a second and view herself as an outsider, which would make her transformation easier. Through my 12-week Mind Mastery Signature Programme, she learnt the art of observing her mind. She began using her mind as a tool rather than be used by it. She over came stress, understood her mental habits, and learnt how to free her mind and went on to maximising her potential that year. She's saw how helpful these teachings were. She’s now looking to open a new business focused on helping others better understand their minds.


    Now, let me tell you about Sam, who was so caught up in his stock market business that he didn’t have time for his family or friends. He was constantly drained, and his brain never slowed down. He tried distracting himself by buying expensive clothes, going on luxury holidays, and attending lavish parties. But none of that worked. 

    I met with him, and we created a mind map so he could see the origin and root of his problems. He realised his obsessive approach to his work would never make him happy. Instead, he began observing himself with detachment and saw that he completely neglected his body through his compulsive workload. So, he shifted his focus to developing excellent physical health. He also realised that his identity was not created by being a stockbroker. He, for the first time in his adult life, became Sam, the person, first. He detached himself from work and even became more successful.



    Lastly, let me introduce Nita. She held a high-pressure job as a pharmacy business owner and was constantly stressed and mentally overwhelmed. She couldn’t stay in the present moment as she constantly dealt with one issue or another. She felt her life was no longer her own. 

    After meeting with me and implementing the meditation practice, we discussed, she began to more clearly see how her mind worked. She learned various effective mind transforming processes and dismantled old thought patterns. Viewing herself as an outsider, she managed to observe her strict beliefs, which stopped her from seeing a broader life. She realised that she unconsciously contracted her mind and now had new actionable tools to help her live a more expansive life.

    The number of available courses and seminars teaching about mental mastery is astronomical. And most are complex or confusing or have no accountability component. This led me to utilise my unique techniques and teachings and create my Mind Mastery Signature Programme.

    This programme’s approach helped my clients achieve excellent measurable results in a short timeframe.

    This unique and simple way also helped clients maintain a daily practice which helped them develop further, experiencing a sense of freedom in life and at work. Not only that, but their success also inspired them that they started to teach others to transform their lives using my simple teachings—their outward expansion contributes to the development of human consciousness on a much larger scale.

    If you’re a professional or a business owner, do you feel stress from dealing with daily problems? Do you have sleepless nights and feel overwhelmed by an overactive mind? Do you feel anxious all the time, having to endure the constant pressure from work and the people around you? Do these concerns affect your lifestyle or personal finances? If you answered yes to even one of those questions I can help you get out of your mental maze and live a peaceful and fulfilling life. The Mind Mastery Signature Programme is for you.

     Poor Advice

    With a bit of internet research, you’ll find much information out there telling you how you can make your life different and better. But I believe far too often bad advice is offered. 

    Poor Advice #1:

    You need medication and must take several months off work. Instead, what you need is a way to solve the problem that doesn’t numb you or make you quiet.



    Poor Advice #2

    You need a vacation, and everything else will sort itself out. But, taking a holiday will not make the problems disappear, and it won’t teach you the problem-solving tools you need.




    Poor Advice #3

    You need to exercise more and eat healthfully. However, though beneficial and perhaps relaxing, eating well and exercising excessively does not help you gain internal wisdom nor give you tools to settle your nagging mind.

    Poor Advice #4

    You need to take up a new hobby or sport to keep your mind off work. Truly, hobbies and sports are good distractions; but they draw your attention away from resolving the problems, and they do not actually teach you to overcome it.

    Poor Advice #5

    You need to read self-help books and watch videos of mind coaches and trainers. Yet this option will likely take hours, give you general or even false information, or confuse you even more as their solutions are not tailored to your exact problem.